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Hello bones. I just wanted to let everyone (being the very few who venture on the site) know that I've added a few things to the site. Under the Members Only link you can find that I've added several items under Songs. Also there is a new link under the Members Only menu Misc. Here you can find a few random things like the recording of California Dreamin' as performed during last years spring concert. Other than that there is nothing new. However, I would love it if every bone could at least go and make an account just so we have a full database. This way I can add info to everyone's profile (unless you want to do it yourself making my life a little easier). This way when next year comes around I can take a picture of everyone's beautiful face and then use these as profile pictures (just so things are consistent (like the old bonesite was)). So yeah. And On Wisconsin.

Bonesite revitalized

So this site is due for a revival. A good ole passing of the torch, knowledge going to the younger generation and all that BS.  So here's whats gonna happen... For anyone who actually still pays attention to this site we're going to see what all you beautiful (and some very beautiful, looking at you Uke) want this site to be and mold it to whatever the hell you can think of. As long as its not porn, well maybe even if it is. Thats about it. 

We're back.

Whoo, just woke up. What day is it? Wednesday! Wow, well, that Rose Bowl trip sure did wear me out. It was disappointing to see them loose, but it sure was a blast to be there. Wisconsin really does have the best fans in the world. The stadium was overwhelmingly Cardinal Red.

I wish I could have heard TCU's marching band, but they didn't play loud enough for the sound to make it to our side of the stadium so I can't really say much about them. We are very different bands though. They have lots of music majors, and we have lots of marching fury.

There's some good memories documented online from the trip. YouTube has a clip of us in the Rose Bowl Parade. has a 45 minute video of us playing 5th quarter stuff on New Years Eve. That event stands out as one of the crazier things we've done. Gary documented the trip extensively at his PhanFare site. There's even a rare glimpse of a Trombone exercising his ability to fly.

On a bit of a side note, whenever TCU scored a touchdown, the big screen showed a touchdown graphic where the letters would appear one at a time. It was hyphenated to look like


The letters would start from the end of touch and the beginning of down, so at some point it looked like


That brightened up my day a little bit.

It was great seeing so many fans all over the place. Santa Monica Pier felt like we were performing back in Madison, perhaps by Lake Mendota. The parade was the most absurd parade I've ever been in. Some parades don't have many people for a good portion, the Parade of Roses has more people than I ever would have imagined the entire 6 miles. So much red there too. You could tell who lived in the area, they had space heaters and blankets.

Until next time, eat a rock Wisconsin.

Rose Bowl Bound!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
We're going to the Rose Bowl
Take that, OSU!

After what seemed like an eternity of anticipation, we are going to the Rose Bowl! Great work football team, and thank you band alumni and donors who help make trips possible and enjoyable.

OSU has Nothing on Us

Despite the speculation that OSU could leapfrog us in the BCS rankings, we are still ahead of them(possibly thanks to OSU's not so great performance vs Iowa)! Now, the times for this week's games are finalized and we will be playing after OSU and MSU, which means that we will be finding out during the game what the Big Ten outlook is like. There's a tangible energy in the air around the band right now and it shows in the way we've been performing lately. This next week is not only the last home game for many of us but also the culmination of a great seasons worth of hard work on the football team's part and a seasons worth of cheering on the fan's and our part.

For those unfamiliar with band tradition, the last home game features a slightly extended half time show. After our regular selection of music, we salute the end of the season and the outgoing seniors and play the On Wisconsin March - One of the very few times we play that march all year. We look forward to celebrating with you.

Thanksgiving Saturday at 2:30pm; Get a ticket if you can. If you can't, watch for the game on TV. In any case, get ready to buy a bowl ticket - We can't wait to see you there!

There is no Mercy in Badgers Football, only Third String.

83-20? Seriously? My lips got a thorough workout playing On Wisconsin 40 times yesterday, and Bucky Badger's arms got a thorough workout doing so many pushups. If the team hadn't scored so quickly that he missed the opportunity to do pushups, he would have done 573 pushups!

Check out the band's page on Phanfare, There's a lot of good memories on there. Check out the video of Bucky finishing 83 pushups and the video of the world-famous Trombin Dance Tunnel.

To top off the fun of the weekend, we are finally getting some good Wisconsin weather here! In fact, this Thursday we look forward to what may be the first sub-32 degree band practice. We do it all for you (and a Coke and an apple), and we can't wait to see you at the next homegame against Northwestern in two weeks.

West Lafayette Chooses to Purdon't

The band had a great time cheering on the Badgers to another victory in Purdue. The field didn't know what hit it, and it looked pretty terrible after halftime. The fans were great. Thanks to all of the fans who showed up to the game and to our practices. Speaking of fans, who knew that Purdue can't fill a stadium anymore? I'd feel bad for them if I was capable of such a feeling for another Big Ten team. After the game, we alternated playing Fifth Quarter songs with Purdue's band playing boring songs. Why would Purdue fans leave while they played "Fighting Varsity?" I don't know, but by the end of the show there wasn't a single Purdue fan left.

Purdue has a pretty good band, and they have some interesting moves, like their run on. Check out this YouTube video for a decent example. Like I said, interesting, but I wouldn't call it marching.

One thing I don't want to do again is practice on blacktop. Purdue's band may be able to do it, but it's terrible for our marching. Only other thing I'm going to say about the blacktop is that it did indeed have cracks in it after we were done practicing.

And now the football team is 8-1, #7 in the BCS Standings, and #2 in the Big Ten. Good work guys, keep it up.


UW Badgers are at 9th on the BCS Standings and the next few weeks are looking pretty exciting. This Saturday, look for the Badger Band in West Lafayette (yuck) for the Badgers football game. It will be the first time in at least 42 years, since Mike started here, that the Badger Band will be there. It goes without saying that we're pissed. It will be a show unlike any the Ross-Ade Stadium has ever seen. I'd be exited to see some sad Boilermaker faces like we saw at Iowa a few weeks ago, but it seems that Ohio and Illinois already prepped them.

Until we see you at Camp Randall next week, Eat a Rock and On Wisconsin!

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